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Šumska 1

Homestay in the nature


Welcome to Šumska 1
the space where our family is growing as community and evolves while connecting to nature


We cherish diversity, regenerative practices,
sustainable living, and a spirit of collaboration


Our homes are built from natural materials

that bring peace, tranquility, and serenity.

We synchronise our daily rhythm with nature, listening to it,

striving to understand and feel the subtle threads that connect us.

Šumska is not just our piece of the planet, our private property.

It is living proof of the symbiosis of humans and nature - of the community of all living being

Earth wall


"I stayed with my two children in Sumska 1 for a few days. We were warmly welcomed and very caring during our stay. There's excellent, freshly made vegan food, beautiful ambiance, and the best hosts you could ask for. Not to forget the two super loving, fun dogs and the sweet cats:)

Our room was beautiful, with very cozy beds, a great atmosphere and magnificent views.
The whole area with adjacent national park and great nature is simply magnificent. We enjoyed our stay and will be back! Thank you for everything!!"

review from airbnb

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