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How to find us

Arrive by


The city of Novi Sad is the closest city to us, and it is easy to get to - there are many bus, train, taxi and blablacar connections. 
Once you are at the bus and train station in Novi Sad, get on the blue public bus, number 74. It's station is nearby the train station, you can confirm where the bus starts with the local people, in case you are not sure. 
The ride takes about 40 minutes and you get off the bus at its last station. 

Facing the National park that in front of you, turn right and follow the asphalt road that goes downhill, through the forest. Keep your left side when you see a few little roads going right. 
The walk takes around 10 minutes and after the forest is behind you, you will soon see the first houses.

The first one on your left is Šumska 1.

Arrive by


For those arriving by car:
Link to the Google Maps which leads to the end of Fruškogorski put street.
It is also the last stop of public bus 74. 


Turning to the bus station and the national park in front of you, turn right and follow the asphalt road that goes downhill, through the forest, for about 800m. Keep your left when you see several small roads leading to the right. 

When you come out of the forest, you will soon see the first houses. 
The first courtyard gate on the left is Šumska 1.

Arrive by


Another environmentally friendly way to reach us is by bike.

You can get there by bike from several directions:

- Route Novi Sad

- Iriški venac route

Arrive by


If you intend to visit us in one of the most environmentally friendly ways, the following routes are available

- Route Novog Sada

-  Iriški Venac route

- Route from Ledinaca.

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