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The eco-tourist home Šumska 1 is located next to the National park of Fruška Gora, near the picnic area of Popovica.

This Rustic house, surrounded by greenery, is located in a quiet and secluded place with a spacious yard of 3.500m2 offering different possibilities:

For those who love nature - The National Park is right behind our fences with 255km2 of endless, mostly deciduous, forests of linden, beech, oak, and acacia trees, 16 lakes, 20 picnic areas, 13 Orthodox monasteries, and a large number of marked hiking trails.

For those who are here for business or as tourists - the city center of Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, is only a 20minute car ride away!

In the middle of 2019, the Sadžakov and Lindenberger families decided to make a big change. The place of our new beginning was on the border of the National Park Fruška Gora.

Finally, our dream turned into reality.

The rustling of leaves, the crackling of twigs, the night call of the forest owl, the song of nightingales, and the shrill cry of a bird of prey became our everyday sound background. The enthusiasm for the new environment obliged us to treat the world of nature with great respect and love. Therefore, we strive to minimize the negative impact of our daily activities.

The way we build, grow food, use water and energy, manage waste, play, and work are intended to be in harmony with our natural environment. 

In the attic of Šumska 1, we built sleeping rooms and a bathroom made of natural materials (mud, straw, reeds, wood ...). We have been working on this project with our own heads and hands, of course, guided by the advice of the expert in ecological construction, Prof. Horvat Lehel, and the great dedication of the volunteers in the International Volunteer Camp 2020 and 2021.

The microclimate in our rooms is pleasant because the walls breathe. During wet days they take water from the air, and during drought - they release it. Solar energy heats hot water in our solar water heater for household needs.

We have built a system for catching and reusing rainwater for showering, washing dishes, and clothes, and watering. We grow our own food in 3 organic gardens, so our local cuisine is not only delicious but also healthy and very local.

In addition to the classic water closet, of which there are two in the house, we also built 2 compost toilets on the plot. Using them does not require the consumption of the most important natural resource - water.

Family of Šumska

Goran Sadžakov

The fact that Noah calls this place "Fruška Goran" is quite easy to explain. Goran, his grandpa, and Fruška Gora simply belong together.

After decades of political and ecological activism, and exploring the art of music and philosophy as well, he sees that this family adventure has the potential to combine all the aspects of life that are worth living for.


Gordana Kuzmanović Sadžakov

Goga is our Šumska magician.

She knows the plants that heal your wounds, she sings the songs that make the children smile and she knows the secrets of plant-based cooking: whatever food you imagine- she will conjure a vegan version out of it.


Iva Lindenberger

This is Iva.

She stands, some would say, at the heart of this family. Proud mother of two spirited boys, daughter, sister, wife, and friend - all in one being.

She believes that a more beautiful world is actually possible and is happy to walk the talk here, on Fruška Gora.


Alvise Lindenberger

This is Alvise.

Born in Berlin, from an Italian mother, he works as an actor in Switzerland, and he found his home with his family on Fruska Gora.

Yes, he might be all over the place, but when you give him a job or find him a stage, he is just where he needs to be.


This is Noah Arjuna

The idea of Šumska 1 was created just a few weeks after Noah was born. Maybe, without him, we would never have started this family adventure on Fruška Gora. He loves to hike straight through the forest while searching for mushrooms, climb on trees and slide down the snowy hills in wintertime.

A full blooded Fruškaboy!

Noah Arjuna Lindenberger


Eliah Maitreya. 

He is the youngest citizen of our little family community. He is just about to start walking and is actually the most hardworking member of Šumska 1.

He wakes up before anyone else with only one thing in mind: explore, explore, explore...

Eliah Maitreya Lindenberger


Filip Sadžakov

This is Filip, our technical emergency doctor. Without him, nothing really works. It is a mystery to us, how he does it, but he does it. Lamps, tubes, Computers - he comes, he sees, he fixes.

But despite his technical affinity, his heart beats strong for theatre: being on stage since the age of 5, he is slowly constructing the bridge between theatre and the forest.


Ana Mirić

Here we go with Ana, our forest fairy. Calm, clear, cheerful, and beautiful, like the lake of Stari Ledinci, she makes you feel good whenever she is around.

Soon she is finishing her Bachelor's  Studies in tourism. Yes, we'll actually have a graduated tourism expert on our team!

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