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Visit the surroundings

In addition to unforgettable impressions that you will take from Šumska 1 and its immediate surroundings, we also offer tours of attractive tourist destinations in the surrounding area.

- Novi Sad

- Petrovaradin fortress

- Sremski Karlovci

Explore Novi Sad

Novi Sad - the capital of Vojvodina, and the second-largest city in Serbia, behind Belgrade.

In recent years, Novi Sad looks more and more like other modern European cities. However, it still has that ancient Central European sensibility which is due to the times when it was reached mainly by train or the Danube, while it still belonged to the strong Austro-Hungarian Empire. The first encounter with this city is like meeting a place with a unique, interesting, casual, and cheerful ambiance where 23 nations live.

​In 2022, Novi Sad will be Europe's Capital of Culture!

Explore the Petrovaradin fortress

On the right bank of the river, opposite Novi Sad, is the Petrovaradin Fortress, a building that has long served as a military, trade, and reconnaissance outpost for the Celts, Romans, Byzantines, Franks, and Austro-Hungarians, although it is most often attributed to the Turkish siege.

​In 1526 it was annexed to the Turkish Empire, and then in 1691, it was returned to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The period between those years was tense and uncertain. They say that it was never conquered with weapons and that it is the second-largest fortress in Europe.

Explore Sremske Karlovci

A place tucked away on the hills of Fruška Gora, on the riverbank of the Danube, rich in history and culture.

It signed the long-awaited Peace of Karlovac (1699), which ended the Great Vienna War between Austria-Hungary and Turkey. Somewhat later, it became the center of Serbian culture and spirituality.

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